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Things that gain from disorder are described by Nassim Taleb as antifragile. Somewhere between fragile and sturdy is this concept. A glass can be fragile and break when you drop it, a plastic cup can be sturdy and be just fine when you drop it, but other things actually get stronger from that act of "being dropped".

Examples of things that are antifragile:

  • muscles: which grow after breaking them down through exercise
  • children: which grow more resistant to illness by being exposed to more bacteria/viruses
  • human spirit: which grows more mature and refined through hardship

Comfort in sturdiness

It can be tempting to avoid antifragility because it is generally uncomfortable. It's less beneficial in the long run however.

Jeffrey R. Holland alluded to this idea in his talk in the Oct 2020 Sun Afternoon session of General Conference:

"...many have come to believe that the highest good in life is to avoid all suffering, that no one should ever anguish over anything."

It's better that I approach discomfort that can help me grow. I think that my mission was one big example of this.

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