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Saturday Afternoon - October 2020

(Second session of Oct 2020 General Conference)

🎵 Hark, All Ye Nations


🎵 [Children's Choir]

Elder Christofferson

(Flourishing societies and people)

Successful groups of people are obedient to God:

  • Nephites
  • Early Americas

Responsibilities and duties should trump a dominance in society that favors personal privileges and entitlement.

Non-religious people can obviously be good, but goodness comes from Christ.

Bad actions yield bad fruit

Bitter fruits of sexual revolution:

  • chilren out of wedlock
  • children without fathers, with women bearing shared responsibilities
  • deficient education with a lack of family
  • individual heartbreak from adultery and promiscuity

"By their fruits, ye shall know them"

Steven J. Lund

[Son contracted cancer]

Elder Gong

Tender mercies are more easily manifested in trying times.

I can help fulfill prophecy by spreading the gospel.

no notes because I was helping Cory pick up his car

Elder Uchtdorf

[SLC sandstone temple foundations story]

Every dispensation faces hardship. But the Lord still dwells with His people during those times.

Come, and belong

Maybe my foundations are still made of sandstone and they need to be upgraded to granite still.

🎵 How Firm, A Foundation

Referred in

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