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About these notes

Hi, I'm Kyle πŸ‘‹

These notes are bi-directionally linked to make navigating them a little more like deep linking your way through Wikipedia articles.

Each page is intended to be an atomic, self-standing idea or concept that can be developed on its own, or related to other notes of a similar fashion. Notes aren't fully complete, but are instead being gardenedβ€”or rather, improved and nurtured over time.

Some of the places I've been tending the most thought to are in the following areas:

There are a few perennial topics that are always being developed, they are usually more spiritual in nature:

I'm trying to first get in the habit of writing more for myself, and then will try and publish more, though you can find me other places as well.

Other places on the web

I write down notes in more places than just these notes. A few more places you can find things I write:

  • Audio Vault: where I write about music as an art form
  • study.kylegill.com: where I write about my study in the Come, Follow Me curriculum which includes annotations of scripture and thougths on stories from the gospel and life of Jesus Christ
  • My blog: where I write about programming and life related topics (often mixed), and longer form ideas related to it
  • Twitter: where I post programming related demos and new technologies, how to use them, and what's exciting. It's worth noting I don't post often anymore as I've been trying to be more mindful about digital minimalism and my habits
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This idea is inspired by Andy Matuschak's notes, and is implemented with Aravind Balla's work on gatsby-theme-andy.

If you'd like to share an idea or your thoughts on something in this note free to send me a direct message on Twitter or an email and we can chat.