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Digital Minimalism and Intentional usage of Technology

Using only the most necessary digital tools to support my own values is preferred to a maximalist approach, where every tool possible that might help is adopted. My thoughts on minimalism are analogous here when applied in a digital sense in that it's not about specifically about doing less, but more of what is important.

Inspired by Cal Newport's book, Digital Minimalism, I've found being more intentional about my technology habits very rewarding.

I made excuses keeping feeds like Twitter in my life because of the bleeding edge tech updates and ideas I saw that helped me do my job better. I actually got my job through work I shared on Twitter. Those benefits don't actually outweight the mental distress and dissonance that constantly observing flame wars and fielding negative criticism caused.

A seminary teacher once told me that he wrote in his journal every day because his life felt like a soap opera when he only wrote on days of important events. Social media suffers from a selection bias when those that are posting only record the fantastical.

Related ideas

Analogous to digital minimalism is the idea of stillness, which purports to find valuable moments of life free from distraction. By avoiding social media feeds in particular, there is more room to fill with the impactful, still moments of life.

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