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Personal Values

Many organizations and businesses establish values to help build a culture. This feels more necessary at a large scale, comprised of many individuals, but I find it nice to codify my own values and (even turn them into a code of ethics). Though they're a work in progress, here are some of them:

Priorities over preferences

Alluded to in priorities, some things are simply more important to me than others. My family should come before my job in decisions I make. My individual character should not be hurt to further my career.

Micro pessimism, but macro optimism

Alluded to in some of my notes on optimism, but I believe in being positive. In some cases though, I want to try to look at my life through a critical lens to be better and recognize ways to make myself a little better.

Strong opinions, weakly held

Alluded to in questions, I want to make informed opinions from study, and be open to changing those ideas when I learn more.

Referred in

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