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Accountability: Return and Report

A principle that I started learning on my mission was being accountable through returning and reporting. Every month, I'd write down a goal and share it with the other missionaries in the city I was in. At the same time, I'd share how I did on my previous goal. Since I was living in Spain we called this "volver e enformar" (return and report).

I've started seeing this principle seep into my life in other places, and I've recognized how others follow the same. One of my favorite examples is during the creation, work that is completed is reported back.

Another place I feel this principle every day is in my individual prayers. In my morning routine I try to present a plan for my day in my personal prayers, sort of like spiritual creation (because God created all things first spiritually before temporally). Then in my nightly routine, I include an accounting of what I did the during the day in my prayer. I'm not always great at this, but days where I am make me feel like I am actually improving.

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